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Policies for Programs

Program Enrollment Requirements

  1. Must submit all paperwork electronically or contact us over the phone to enroll. Mentees must participate in pre- fitness as well as post-testing to enroll/participate. These testing dates are pre-built into the schedule for the semester. Failure to adhere to these requirements could result a participant’s inability to participate next semester. Without each participant’s data we may be unable to secure funding to support future programs (and stop increasing fees).
  2. All required paperwork and program fees must be submitted at the start of the first program. Spots are limited and while you may have a space reserved, your spot is not guaranteed until payment is received. Without submission of appropriate paperwork, the organization could be held liable if an injury were to take place and documentation was not on file.
  3. Agree to bring participant to all scheduled programs. If participant must miss a program due to illness, family conflict, travel/weather concern, etc. – parent or guardian will notify specific program contact (in advance if possible). Please remember each participant’s mentor is a volunteer and if participant does not show, the volunteer believes he or she is no longer needed and often drops out, which leaves us shorthanded if the participant attends future weeks.

Appropriate Program Attire

  1. Please ensure all participants have appropriate footwear (sneakers/tennis shoes) for land-based programs. Ensure
    clean flip flops, crocs, or water shoes for water-based programs.
  2. Please ensure all participants wear appropriate athletic wear to programs. Shorts or exercise pants, and t-shirt for land based programs; one piece, shorts/t-shirt, or two-piece with cover for water-based programs. This is to ensure the safety of participants as well as protect mentors and equipment.

Program Fees

  1. The fees are listed next to each program. If a participant would like to enroll in an additional program, they will receive a $20 discount off the second and subsequent programs (with the exception of aquatics, community exploration, and cooking).
  2. Scholarships are available - based on financial need. Applicants must provide written justification. Scholarship participants are limited to one program. Scholarships are paid by independent donors who want to support participants in our area.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • If JMU OR Harrisonburg City Schools are closed, programs are automatically cancelled. If afternoon/evening weather is deemed unsafe for parents/guardians and students, programs could be cancelled. \
  • If programs are cancelled the day before or by 12:30pm that day – participants will be notified by e-mail. If cancellations are made after 12:30pm, participants will receive a call. It will also be posted to our facebook page.