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Outreach Programs


The mission of our outreach programs is to ensure that No Child, Adolescent, or Adult with a disability misses out on opportunities to be physically active and improve their quality of life.  We work with community organizations to either create specialized programming and can help organization to include individuals with disabilities in their existing programs.

We conduct various local, regional, state-wide, and national events to improve physical activity opportunities for persons with disabilities.  We are also willing to conduct camps/clinics in your area to identify the need and interest in your community.  We will then work with your organization to build an infrastructure that will allow the start up programming or support to be successful. 

For a reasonable fee – we will provide training for your staff, put on a camp/clinic for interested participants as well as provide follow up support. 

Please contact us to learn more about our outreach programming.  Also see if there is programming in your area.