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At Home Tips

With these links, we hope that all families will be able to take part of our programs back home so the kids can continue to enjoy while also helping to establish a healthy lifestyle away from programs.

Healthy Eating/Specialty Diets

Here are a couple links to websites with healthy eating tips, a few healthy recipes, and a few recipes for specialty diets.


Exercise and physical activity are a huge part of Empowerment3. Here are some exercises and tips that you can do at home.


The activities featured in this section are some of the ones that we do during our programs. If these are some of the activities that your participant does during their program, then it would be good for them to do at home as well to practice the skills that they are learning during the program. If it is not, it is always good and FUN to the participants to learn new activities and skills outside of their program.

1. Scooter activity: You will need a 4-wheeled sitting scooter (or anything they can roll on) and some cups or objects to build up and knock over

  • First have the participant build up a structure to their liking
  • Have them then take the scooter to a designated line on the ground
  • They will lay on their stomachs and try to go as fast as possible towards the structure and knock it over.
  • Repeat by building the structure again differently and them trying a different sitting position

2. Rescue Race: You will need some items the participant likes (preferably animal toys) and two buckets

  • Scatter all of the items around the area you are at.
  • Place the buckets at two different ends of the area.
  • Designate what items he has to save and items that you will be saving.
  • Whoever gets all of their items saved and put into their buckets first wins

The websites featured on this page are not affiliated with Empowerment3 or JMU. They are for informational purposes*